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    I am new to this community and am just doing the trial version right now. I like the software so far and I am considering a purchase. But I have a serious issue with the lack of versatility with titles (I think you call them captions) and the journaling. I would like to be able to vary the opacity, character spacing and even have the option of line shapes and so forth. Is that possible in the full version? If so, then I definately will be buying this program. I am also hoping that there are more custom shapes in the full version than there are in the trial version. I haven't found just a plain circle in the trial.

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    That's definitely a downfall, IMO.

    I have been creating my own word art on other programs.

    The other features make up for it, though!

    ANd ther is an upgrade coming out soon - Maybe that's part of it?

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      I heard too that there are some changes coming with the upgrade. But in the mean time, if what you want to use is not there, like Julie said use any other program to create titles with, save then as png and you can drag them right into the program
      With all the wonderful features this program has, this is really a minor drawback. I have never scrapped faster and easier then with Scrapbook max and it is so much fun to see what others are sharing, It is almost like Christmas every day when someone creates a template or embellishment etc.



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        So, if I need to use another word program, which program and how? I have PSE4, but I am such a novice that I am having trouble figuring it out. Any user-friendly programs out there?


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          I use mainly Microsoft Picture it or Printshop and then save the images as png with transparent backgrounds. Others may have better ideas.



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            I have Printshop but, dummy that I am, I can't figure out how to do that. When I make a headline in text within a shape using a transparent background and save it as a png, when I bring it up in SBM it has a white background. Help!!


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              Hi Lyndasue, welcome to the forum...

              Here is a link to a site dedicated exclusively to PSE, where you can join and receive a monthly newsletter with all kinds of goodies, including videos, embies, papers, etc.

              She shows you step by step how to use the program, and you're creating great things as you learn. The fee is very reasonable, I think.

              Give it a try. At least, visit her site.

              About the pngs. There are two kinds, the type that Max uses to make masks or shapes, and the transparent png, which is 32mll. colors, I believe. See if it gives you a choice.

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                Thank you. I will try that site.

                It doesn't give me a choice on what png I save it as. As least not as far as I can tell. I'll keep trying, though, because I really want this to work.