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    After using the full ver. of Scrapbook for about a month I am getting the follow error message constantly and cannot save new work. Do I have a conflict left over from the trial version?
    Error message - Prompts to send error report etc...

    Exception : Exception_Access_Violation ( 0x0000005)
    Address: oxc7c91off29
    The program shuts down and no response so far from sending reports.
    Full uninstall and reinstall does not help.
    The rest of my system is fine and the only software problem is Scrapbook
    Any clues as the problem?

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    If you submit the crash reports we do look at them. We may not respond directly, but we do look into each one. Those weird numbers are actually useful to a programmer (sometimes)

    What are you usually doing when the crash happens?
    Brett Kapilik
    Indigo Rose Corporation


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      Hi Brett,
      Thank you your reply.

      I am in the process of adding items to a new page when the problem occurs. It can be at any stage of the process. I can be adding an embellishment, a photo or any item at all. It can even happen when I am adding a page. It occurs in a completely random way, ie. while working on the first page with only 2 or 3 items added, or after 2 or 3 pages have been created.

      I attempted to isolate the problem by adding only a couple of photos and embellishments to each page and saving between each page.

      The problem usually occurs when photos are added. The failure can occur on any photo,item embellishment etc, from any source-sometimes they crash the program , sometimes not.
      I have only identified one predictable failure-and that is when I try to load Page 3 of "the Olden Days" into an album that I am working on- the program freezes when I try to add that page and the only escape is to close the program. The anomoly is that if I create a new album- then 'Olden Days page 3' will open and does not crash the program.

      At first the pages appeared to save after each crash, so I did not think I was loosing my work. Then I found that all new work was missing after rebooting. I tested by creating pages, saving and exiting the program and opening it up again. The work appeared to save until I rebooted from a full shutdown and found it was not saved.
      I have completely uninstalled and reinstalled the entire program and can now save between crashes. This is frustrating and I don’t know how long this will last so I hope you can help find a solution.
      I do not have any problem with any other program or function on my computer.
      Regard Joan
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        Some questions to help give us some clues...

        What operating system do you have?

        How much memory (RAM) is in your computer?

        Are there any other programs running in the background? For example, do you have any antivirus software running? If so, what software is it?

        How big are the image files you're bringing in?


        If something is making your computer might just be taking a really long time to resize the images. Try setting the page size to something small, like:

        Width: 4 inches
        Height: 4 inches
        Resolution: 72

        ...and see if that makes any difference.
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        Lorne ( )
        Scrapbook MAX! Software Developer