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  • Newbie Question...

    OK...I can tell I love this place already...its just like a big old cyber crop!

    anyhow my question is...why is my download version (while I wait for the cd I purchased) the exact same as the free trial? Did I do something wrong?...also will the purchased CD have ALOT more...I sure hope so.

    I am looking for flowers, ribbons, etc...oh and various brads and metal accents.

    nw scrapper

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    We seem to get this question regularly, there are 2 links in the email, one is the program and one is the contents. See if you can go back to your email and look for that 2nd link. Your CD has even more stuff. You will love it!



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      it says 5 posts per day, is their a limit...cause I can be a need to reply to this...Im just testing.



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        ty Marion, your the greatest!

        If I would have just actually taken the time to read the installation letter, instead of just clicking away cause I was just so darn excited to get started I would have seen it...bottom half of it.

        thanks again.


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          cant wait!!! cant wait!!! cant wait!!! to get started...cause I just LOVE digi scrapping!


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            Welcome aboard!


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              We've all been there

              I think about everyone has missed the two links. I would suggest that the higher powers should review the email and re write it. Start off saying there will be 2 links (IN BIG BOLDS) We all seem to miss it, so that tells me that the writers needs to make it easier to read.

              Glad you got it! You will find that many of the embellishments your asking for will show up in the downloads here in the forum. When ever I find something I like in another templete....... I add that Unwanted page to my scrapbook then cut and paste into the page I'm working on. Then I delete the unwanted page, when I'm done. Hope that makes sense!

              Glad to have you with us.

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