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I can be such an airhead!

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  • I can be such an airhead!

    First ,I Just want to say how much I like this program. When I got the CD in the mail I download the program, as I thought there would be more stuff on it then what I already had in the trial package. But to my surprise it was the same. Which was ok with me, I just thought every time I see something I like I have to download it. To my SURPRISE there is a section on the cd to install content pack. ohhh my goshhhh!! Tons of stuff!!! It's going to take me days, even months to work with the all stuff. Like I said I can be a real Airhead. I just wanted to share with ya all how stupid I felt when I found out it has so much more to offer. Now I have lots of stuff to do my pages!

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    Hi Crops.... I think most of have have lived on that cloud with this program. The same questions has been asked by most of us. But, see, you figured it out, so it's back to Tierra Firme!! LOL.



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