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OK...Im sure this has been asked before...but

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  • OK...Im sure this has been asked before...but

    when I download peoples embellies that they offer etc...where are they going...I save to desktop and they are not showing up...

    so what I need is a basic break down of how to access them starting from the community board through adding them to my page. ty

    or a link on here taking me to my answer.

    I only feel like I am tapping into 25% of what is being offered.

    ty, you all are so kind and helpful.

    I can not wait to start contributing instead of just asking questions.

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    When you download things that people post here, all you have to do is click Open in the download box--not Save. Then it will install in the SBM program & will be there when you click on the heart to add an embellishment to your project. Same with the templates--click Open & it'll install itself. Then the template will be available the next time you start a new project. Hope that helps.


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      I always try to figure out where the embellishments go when they are installed and then I move them if necessary. For example, when I create embellishments they go into the
      C:\Program Files\Scrapbook MAX!\Gallery\Images\Embellishments\Squeaks_Element s

      It is good to know where they are installed. Then when you are in the program, and you are looking for embellishments you will know where to find them.

      Some people move the embellishments into folders they created for better organization. For example they may have a folder for flowers, and another for brads, and another for frames. This way when they are looking for something specific, it doesn't matter who created it, it only matters what type of embellishment they are looking for.

      Hope this helps.


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        Try this, please. It might help. And welcome to the forum!


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