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How to import pictures?

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  • How to import pictures?

    I just purchased this program and just love it. But I am having problems getting my pictures into scrapbook max. Under my pictures I have different files with about 50 photos in each. I can't figure out how to open the file and choose one of the pictures. Everytime I open the file it takes me to a new window and won't let me pick that picture. I have figured out to put the picture on my desktop and get from there, but that is so time consuming.
    Hopefully I have explained this so it makes sense.


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    Hiya craftymom. Glad to hear you're enjoying Scrapbook MAX!, thanks for your support! One easy way is to drag and drop your photos. So basically you just have Scrapbook MAX! open and then grab one of the photos from wherever it is on your hard drive and drag it overtop the task bar icon for Scrapbook MAX!, then hold it there for a second until the Scrapbook MAX! window comes to the forefront, and then simply continue to drag it until your mouse is somewhere within the stage area of your scrapbook page and release the mouse button. It might take a couple practice tries but once you get the hang of it, it's pretty easy. Hope that helped.

    *Hint - You can drag and drop as many files at once as you please, so this is a *fantastic* way to add a whole stack of photos to your project in one fell swoooooooop.
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      Take a look at Chapter 3 - Scrabooking 101 of the User's Guide, for a full tutorial on how to add photos to your pages. You'll find a link to the User's Guide on the Help menu within Scrapbook MAX!, or you can view it online at:

      Let us know if you still need more help!
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