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Putting an icon on a new folder

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  • Putting an icon on a new folder

    Can anyone tell me how to put an icon on a new paper scraps or embellishments folder I move into the images directory. I can use windows explorer to select the picture for the icon when viewing by 'browse' but although I can see and use my new papers directly from the folder in Scrapbook Max I can not seem to find a way to assign their own icon like all the other folders have.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    All you need for a custom folder image is to place a JPEG file named _sbmax.jpg in the folder. So in your graphics program, open the picture that you want to use as your icon, choose "Save As" and save it as _sbm.jpg inside the folder. Next time you open SBM, your folder will have a new icon.


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      Thanks! I'm looking much better organised now.