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    I would really like to do something like make scrapbooks for money or do something around digital scrapbooks for money, but I don't really have money to buy the kits I need to start and I am not sure that I could use the stuff that comes with scrapbook max. i could really use some ideas and guidance here. thanks


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    I think the answer to your question would be NO. I'm sure you can't 'sell' anything that wasn't created by you.
    BUT I may be wrong and someone will be along to put us both right any moment now (LOL).
    Good luck anyway with your venture.


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      Hi - You will need kits that are OK for Scrap 4 Hire. This means you can use the kit for the purpose of doing individual layouts for others either for free or paid.

      I do have some stuff that is OK for Scrap 4 Hire in store but you will need to contact me.

      Generally though most kits are personal use only and not suitable for the purpose you require. Hope this explains things.
      Any further question, feel free to contact me.
      Kind wishes from Carena
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        There are several commercial use and scrap4hire kits and things on the internet that you can purchase for just that purpose. But I do know that you mentioned money was tight right now, so you would have to build up your supply slowly. You cannot use any personal use kits because the designer has specifically made it for your personal use and not to be resold. Hope that helps and good luck with your business when you get started at it.

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          here's the general rules for s4o/s4h & CU

          Scrap for Others (S4O) - this term is usually for items that you purchase to be used for creating cards, invitations, layouts etc that are to be given as gifts, not to be sold to receive money from.

          Scrap for Hire (S4H) - this term usually means that you are creating completed albums, books, layouts for customers/clients in which you receive money for. They are usually saved as a flattened .jpg so that the designs cannot be edited and used again with the chance of them being re-sold. For example: You may receive 10 photos in which you need to create a complete 10 page album, you buy a S4H friendly kit, create the pages with the photos save as a .jpg and then are paid for your work by the customer. Another example would be creating personalized cards, invitations etc. that have the dates and info on them at the time of printing or sending the work to the customer.

          Commercial Use (CU) - is where you purchase digital products/goods/tools and in turn can use to re-create products, kits, elements etc to receive money from. This would also cover production of lolly/candy toppers, note books, non personalized items.

          You do need to make sure that any kits you use do allow you to sell your lo's for $. Some say in their TOU that you cannot sell anything you make with their stuff while other's allow it as long as it's a flattened image

          if you wish to use any of my kits pm me and we can disscuss it

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            Thanks for your help everyone. i know money is tight for me, but I think I want to start a scrap for hire thing. Please let me know where I can buy kits and I will buy your kits as well. thanks



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              I have posted many things on these forums and you have my permission to use anything I have made for your money generating purposes.