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    Does anyone know how in sbm i can size a pic to fill the page without losing the aspect? when i do keep the aspect instead of filling the page the pic overlaps and i lost half of it. when i deselect keep aspect and size it to the page it doesnt look very good at all. i am trying to use a pic for a background and using smaller pics in the foreground so they stand out more than the surround. does sbm have a size to page cos i cant see it anywhere?

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    You can bring the picture in as a background. That will size it to page. You do have to make sure that the picture is either large enough for your layout to begin with, or is a high enough resolution that when you enlarge it, it will retain it's sharpness. Either that or lower the opacity or transparency, so that it's only a muted background.

    Hope this helps.


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      If you are using it as a background for a square page, then try and crop it into a square first. Hope that helps.