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Question regarding layouts without noting designers

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  • Question regarding layouts without noting designers

    I think I made a "mistake"!! In trying to organize my digital designs, I inadvertently separated a whole lot of digi designs from their TOU's and names of their designers (I even renamed papers and such for them to be easier for me to find).....!!! Now I'm in an awkward position of having some layouts that I would like to share online for feedback, or to enter a challenge, etc. but I feel like it may be against the rules to do so. Has anyone faced this kind of screwup!? Do you just not post your layouts anywhere public?

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    I have had the occasion on where I couldn't recall where I got something or who made it. I simply but "I'm sorry that I cannot recall who made ______ but thanks to whomever you are!" If you still have the name of the kit that could be named as well. Hope this helps.

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      Terrim, that is very sweet of you to be concern. As long as you post the layout in the gallery, as a flat picture, and not the actual embellishments, you're ok. Do as fourfoxes mentioned and simply make a note that you don't know the designer.

      We know that mistakes are made. We all do it. As long as people don't try to sell the stuff as their own or give it away to others, it's ok to post the page in the gallery as a layout.

      Now that we are all totally confused....


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        Thank you ladies, while I was wondering what to do I did read an older post on another section of SBM which covered a lot of my questions regarding the gallery -vs- making a template to share with others (which I wish I could get to but I am still just sticking to making my own layouts for awhile!) Thanks again for your information.


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          hi terry

          most of us designers really dont mind if you dont credit us so long as you dont claim the items as yours ....and as Granny said once a page is uploaded to the gallery it's a flattened image and any single piece can not be extracted so it's no problemo

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            Yep - totally agree with everyone else. No problem uploading the images to the gallery. It's when people share elements or papers is when designers get upset.

            For me personally, I get a real thrill seeing layouts done using my kits whether credit is given or not, although credit is always appreciated.

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