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please please help me (printing problem)

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  • please please help me (printing problem)

    can anyone please help me, i have a hp photosmart all-in-one c4440 printer and all of a sudden i can not print pages. when i push print, the printer prints out blank pages, is this my fault and does anyone know how to correct this?

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    Mandy, this sounds like you could have a problem with your printer driver.

    First before you do anything else, try to print a test page for your printer. To do that, open your print manager (on the bottom menu bar on your screen - right hand side) and you should be able to, from the print manager, order a test page. This is usually done to test for print quality. If the test page has no printing on it, check to make sure that the little sticky cellotape protectors have been removed from the bottom of the cartridges prior to the new print cartridges being put in.

    Download the latest version of your printer driver from HP and update your printer driver and then try again.

    If all that fails, then you may need to uninstall and re-install your printer.


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      thank you so much. i actually ended up reinstalling the printers and it works great.