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  • Spoiled myself..

    I just had to share with everyone that I took advantaged of the tax free weekend and went out this weekend and purchased a new laptop. It's unbelievably FAST. (2 gig of memory, duo processor, 120 gig hard drive, DVD burner with light scribe, 17" wide screen)

    I think that I have died and gone to HEAVEN... computing doesn't get better than this. Worked all weekend loading and configuring it, but its sreeming right along! The additional memory really makes a big difference.

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    Congratulations!!! I just added another gig to my pc yesterday and that gives me 2GB. Seems to make a lot of difference. Also added a external harddrive of 300 GB. I have a laptop too, but I use my pc most of the time for scrapping.
    This should keep us scrapping for a long time!



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      Have A DELL laptop here

      I need to do something here! I have maxed my hard drive. It is only 20mg. Was thinking about getting a External Hard Drive and then transfer all of my Scrapbook Max program and files to the external. That way, I can unplug from USB port and take it to the other computer. I really need to do something but buying a new computer is not an option at this time. Can I get more RAM etc at CompUSA on my Dell?

      Any thoughts would be appreciated!


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        I've got several different external drives, one of my favorites being the Iogear 80GB USB external hard drive. It's small, fast, reliable, doesn't require a power adapter and most of all really inexpensive (under $100 USD). Just plug it in and start copying files...

        There are also other larger storage options from other manufacturer's (up to 500 GB!!!! ... urghhh MORE POWER!)

        You can buy them right off the shelf @ Best Buy or Comp USA or try looking on or
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          External HD

          Not to rain on your parade but BB and CompUSA are overpriced for simple devices like external HDs. I recommend Computer Geeks.

          Be sure to buy an external HD with USB2.0 interface and check that your PC has USB2.0 ports instead of the old USB1.1. Running an HD on a USB1.1 port will be like sucking ice cream through a straw. Your PC manual should tell which you have. If the info isn't in there, you can almost bet it's 1.1. To be absolutely certain, you can click Start, Control Panel, System, Hardware, Device Manager and look under Universal Serial Bus Controllers. HTH.
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