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  • Printing and pixels

    I was wondering if anyone can help me. Before I begin making my scrapbook pages, I want to be sure I make them the correct size for printing into a photobook.

    In creating a page, the default seems to be 200. But when I go to a photobook site, they say that one page should be for example: and 8 x 8 should be 2400 x 2400 in size.

    What is the "200" in comparison to the 2400 by 2400. Do I need to select a larger pixel size and which size would be best?

    Perhaps someone could explain pixels so that I can understand the size requirements for printing?

    Thank you.

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    the default size for Max layouts is set at 8x8 inches which is 1600x1600 pixels - 12x12 inches is 2400x2400 pixels

    to change the page size in max go to > Page > Settings > Size > here you can use the presets to change the page size

    the 200 you refer to is the resolution aka dpi (dots per inch) and refers to the amount of dots a printer will need to make the image - in max 200 dpi gives fabulous results when printed but for some unknown reason many people insist on 300dpi ...i've always printed at 200dpi and never gotten a bad result yet

    hope that helps answer your questions


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      Hi Fiona, Thank you for responding to my question. So, if I leave the default in place at 200, when the page is complete, it will be the required 2400 x 2400? Thank you.


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        Not quite. It's OK if you make a "12 x 12 inch" page as your original.

        When you're printing at home, 200 pixels per inch should be fine with today's inkjet printers. When you use an outside service, follow their requirements, whatever they are.

        ScrapbookMax's photobook service is asking for originals at 300 ppi -- 2400 pixels divided by 8 inches = 300 ppi.

        Note that if you make a 12 x 12 page at the default 200 ppi, the photobook service will be happy... because the resulting 1200 x 1200 pixel page @ 200 ppi = 2400 x 2400 (12 times 200 = 2400).

        The Scrapbookmax people have made a great deal about computer graphics easy, but not this one. It's a bit jarring that their printing service works at a different resolution than their computer program's default.
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          For more information on this subject, please read this article from our FAQ forum:

          "On Printing - 200DPI or 300DPI"



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            I tried to comment on that, but I guess, I am not I will do it here... I have to agree with everything that was said in that thread... I too have done tests and 200dpi works perfect, I have gone one more step and instead of using best...I tried normal too and it still looks the same. So I have been printing out on the normal setting, and yes, its on the photo setting. and it works good too and uses less ink!
            I do have to say, that if you are designing things, its best to do that at 300dpi though, I think it makes a crisper embellishment. But that is just my opinion.

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              Ops, Crops, I just commented on this on another threat, but it was before reading your answer here. So please, do not take what I said personally.


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                My 2 cents worth. I do everything of mine in 300 dpi as I sell not only here but other sites which all require work at 300 dpi. (Part of the reason I don't do templates here at Max as they are all 200 dpi)

                I guess for many it is a matter of personal choice. However the larger the print size the better quality you will need to use. It's true if you are for example printing something for eg. 5x7 print it probably won't make any difference which 200 or 300 dpi but take the same image and print for eg. 10 x 14 the better quality you will need. This is my understanding of it.

                Granny mentioned in a previous thread - a blurry image whether 200 or 300 dpi is still going to be a blurry image. The larger you print a blurry image the worse it will get, print it smaller and it won't appear quite so bad. This is why you should work with quality crystal clear image in the first place.

                Also to be considered if you are planning to print at home is the quality of your printer. 300 dpi printed on a bad quality printer will still only result in the same quality of the printer. Therefore it stands to reason that whether you use 200 dpi or 300 dpi when printing you won't see any difference - print will only match the quality of the printer used.

                Also another thing to consider when viewing 200 dpi verses 300 dpi - is the quality and screen resolution on your computer as this will effect the quality you are seeing on your screens and may not reflect the quality of the image itself. Also the quality of your graphics on your hard drive, computer itself.

                Anyway - just my opinion - it's really personal choice and each to their own. I've decided to go with 300 dpi myself as for me this also allows for quality improvements in printers etc. There are alot of variables to take into consideration like I've mentioned - computer graphics quality, computer screen resolution quality, printer quality and probably also paper quality and also size you wish to print.

                300 dpi can be printed in 200 dpi but you can't take the original 200 dpi and make into 300. I leave it up to my customers what they choose to print at rather than choosing for them.

                Like I said - whatever works for you. Personal choice. Cheers
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                  Ohhh Granny, I never take anything you say personally!!! I am still talking to ya, arent I??? LOL
                  But I stand by my answer! and I whole heartedly believe in everything Carena just said, I don't print too many BIG pictures, but when I do, I want the highest quality I can be it 300dpi.... now that is my opinion.....LOL and I am stickin to it... lol

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                    I just have a little "ha-penny" opinion. I've found, like you, Crops, that I can print out the layouts on photo paper using the normal setting and they look just fine! I used to use the "best" setting but I can't see any real difference, so I'm saving ink!!


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                      Oh, now I understand the "math" part.
                      Thank you for explaining the pixels.