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How to order SBM for a Family Member or Friend

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  • How to order SBM for a Family Member or Friend

    I wanted to place an order for my daughter as a birthday gift. Is there a 'Gift Purchase" option. I don't need to download again. Her address is different than mine, so when you order by credit card, it wants MY address and I want it sent to her. I need an option that says, "Your mom has ordered ScrapBook Max for you! Click here to download your temporary copy, your disk is on the way!"

    Has anyone else ordered for a friend or family member?

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    Great Idea!

    I thought about doing the same thing for my daughter! Hummmmm


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      Guess we will both find out then ... maybe


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        Giving Scrapbook MAX! is definitely a great gift idea! It comes in a beautiful case that is elegant enough for birthdays, weddings, showers, Christmas, or any other occassion. And of course - it's going to be appreciated as a unique and thoughtful present!

        There are two ways to order the software as a gift:

        Option #1: Have it delivered to your address and then give it as a gift. You could then wrap it and include a card as appropriate.

        Option #2: Have it delivered right to the gift recipient. Unfortunately, we can not wrap it or include a card at this time.

        Here's how to do it:

        1. Click the following link to order:

        2. When you get to the order form, the first screen is going to ask you for the delivery information. That's where the software will be shipped. You'll have an opportunity to indicate a separate billing address, if needed, in the next step.

        3. For Option 1, enter your own shipping address and billing information. For Option 2, enter your gift recipient's shipping address but your own billing information. We would recommend that enter your own email address on the shipping information page. That way, you will get the emailed invoice and download instructions. Your recipient is going to be getting the CD-ROM in the mail - which is the full product, so they don't need to download anything. You could then send them your own email or card that tells them to look out for your gift in the mail!

        That's it! We'll get the software in the mail ASAP and in a week or two, your gift will have arrived.
        Scrapbook MAX! 2.0 is here!. It's simply better digital scrapbooking software!


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          Thank you for your response.

          When I ordered the full box version, I thought it was registered automatcially to me. I didn't have to enter any new registration information.

          Is there a way to send the download link to her also so she could get started right away? She is just as anxious as the rest of us were when we first started.

          I thought about sitting at her computer and ordering it with my information, but my credit card information would not match her name and the new one would be registered to me.


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            If you want your gift recipient to download the software, you can:

            1. Enter their email address when you place the order. The downside to this is that they will also receive the emailed invoice (which shows the price you paid).

            2. Enter your own email address when you place the order. You'll get the emailed invoice as well as the download instructions. Simply forward the download instructions to your gift recipient!
            Scrapbook MAX! 2.0 is here!. It's simply better digital scrapbooking software!


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              Okay that will work. As long as she is the registered owner all is good!

              Thanks for your help.


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                Wow, Christmas shopping just got easier this year!