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  • Help Please!

    I am unable to download any templates now.
    When I click on open it seems to download until the very end when
    the windows picture and fax viewer window opens and says
    "no preview available" and the template is not in any SBM folder.

    Embellishments seem to be ok

    This has only happened since the update.

    Any suggestions appreciated.

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    It sounds like the file association for .smt files has been undone, or was taken over by the MS viewer.

    Just run Scrapbook MAX! and either open a scrapbook or create a new one, and the file association for .smt files will be reset.
    Lorne ( )
    Scrapbook MAX! Software Developer


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      Thank you Lorne. I can use the templates in my SBM if I create an new
      scrapbook or add to an existing problem is when I go
      to SBM sharing corner Template Page and try to save a template, I click on open, and it
      appears to download until the very last second when the windows picture and
      fax page shoots up with an hour glass that never goes away and the page says "no preview available"
      Can I undo the update?


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        You don't want to undo the update. The update didn't cause this - it sounds more like your web browser is just set up to use the MS viewer for those files.

        Instead of choosing the Open option, just save the file to somewhere on your system (like the Desktop, or My Documents, or wherever you normally your save files). Then just go to that folder in Windows and double-click on the .smt file, i.e. the template you downloaded.
        Lorne ( )
        Scrapbook MAX! Software Developer


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          Than you for helping me, I did as you say and saved to my document
          folder. The one last thing that worked was right clicking the file and
          opening with SBM template importer.

          Off to download all those beautiful templates that I have been missing.

          Ps. I right clicked on every file and chose the SBM option to make sure they were all there.
          Do you supply finger splints :-)