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Using photo cutouts and layouts from shapes.

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  • Using photo cutouts and layouts from shapes.

    I'm sure this is a well worn question, but I cant' seem to get the cutouts to work right. For instance, when I click on a group layout in shapes, it comes out with a whole bunch of the same shape. How can I get them separated to work as a one page layout?

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    Can you explain a little better, I am not sure what you mean by 'cutouts'. Also, I dont know what you mean when you say group layout.....I would like to help, if I knew what you were saying....

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      Me too, Crops! I can't figure this one out either. Maybe if you can explain more, we can figure out where you're coming from!


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        Using cutouts and photo frames in Scrapbook Max

        Thanks to both of you for your replies to my question. I figured it out by myself, I had just forgotten the steps to use the shapes.
        Thanks Again!!