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    I just noticed when I was going through my scrapbooking pages, and importing them into certain places so they weren't all over the place and that on some of my layouts grey images appeared and on the grey image it said Error loading embellishment (then gives me the embellishment it couldn't load, and said double click to select a new file) I also noticed this seemed to be happening on items that had been grouped.

    I also noticed that in the previews they look perfectly normal!

    I've just updated the newest version, and before this, had no problems with the layouts doing this before.

    Hope someone can help me out!

    OK, I just opened one of the pages it seemed to be putting the grey images on by itself and it worked fine! So maybe this is a bug when importing pages?
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    Guess no one wants to help me


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      Your not alone and someone will help you. Your first posting just showed up on my new postings list a few minutes ago, which was less than a half hour ago. Sometimes it takes a little more time. I'm sure no one has had a chance to see your posting yet. Be patient, someone will help you. Just a reminder, we just go our updated versions a few days ago. I know that I personally, have not had an opportunity to learn about the new options. Also remember that we're all in different time zones so the people who may have your answers may be sleeping.

      Hang in there, someone will assist you soon!


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        I didn't mean to complain, I was just having a bad morning when I said that no one wanted to help me, and forgot about the different time zones too!

        It's not a life or death situation, I know and I can still use the software. I'm sure it's nothing big!


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          Most of the time, the gray images will show you the filename of the of the embellishments or photos that MAY be missing from the project folder, i.e. "Ribbon1.png"

          You can determine which files might be missing by looking in the project folder... i.e. "My Documents\Scrapbook MAX!\Projects\My Scrapbook\Resources\AutoPlay\Image"" and see if the file is actually there.

          Also, when you export a template and leave the "Remove Photos" option checked, your photos will be missing if your re-import the template.

          Finally, you may have added a few files that you intended to be "embellishments" as "photos", so they may be missing as well for the reason previously stated.

          Hope that helps

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