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  • Thank you Max!!!

    For the post about 200dpi vs 300dpi. I have been arguing this point for years. Glad to know there is growing support for it.

    I have always done my work in 200dpi, because the file size is so much smaller. The industry standard may be 300dpi, but as in many things, they are discovering that it is not advantageous at all.

    It's the same as making Photoshop the industry's standard. There are so many other great programs that do just as well, at a fraction of the cost.

    Like the old saying... "The proof is in the pudding"! The measure of good graphics is not the dpi or the program, but the know how of the designer. Give a good carpenter any tool and he will build you a house to die for. Give the same tools to an amateour, and he will build you a shack.

    Good print quality is only as good as the quality of the image you create. A fuzzy, slipshot embellishment will print just as poorly at 300dpi as it will at 200dpi.

    Ops, sorry to ramble on. It's a real sore subject with me.


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    i totally agree with ya granny

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