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    Thank you everyone for some really great embellishment freebies.
    How does everyone save the items they download so they can remember who did what in order to give credit to those who created them?
    I noticed in Scrapgirls, they all have their initials in front of things they design, so if you save something it would say for example - SJO Snowflake, etc.
    Once I begin serious scrapping, I would like to give credit where credit is due.

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    well, your starting off better than I did...LOL but what I do now is....I have my favorite designers, and I have folders for each of them. but I have one folder that I keep everyone in...of course there are folders inside folders, but you will find your own little method.... of course there is the MISC folder where I put everything I just dont know where to put it! lol

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      I usually put JCO on mine. I create a new folder and put Misc. as crops said. Once you get a system down it's easy.

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        Yeah!! You have the concept already!! I use d27 for my freebies! and DLT for store freebies that are for personal use.
        Fiona put together a list of all the initials and who's who..but I haven't found it for you yet..


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          the list donna is referring too is this one.......

          its a list of most of the designers here at Max and the 3 letters they use infront of their kits

          ADU = Amy Duquette aka digimac
          CLE = Caroll Lenthall
          CSC = Carena Scott aka Carena
          CSM = Christine Smith aka ChristineS
          CLO = Crystal Longbrake aka digiscrapilicious
          DGO = Deanne Gow-Smith aka Moonbeam
          DOR = Donna Roe aka stitches
          DTH = Donna Thomas aka AutisticWonder
          DCA = Diana Carmichael aka Knzus
          EMB = Esther Barry aka Granny
          FST = Fiona Storey aka Angelwithin
          JCO = Julia Corley aka NanaC95565
          JCL = Julie Clark aka Julie Clark
          KWA = Kathy Waddell aka PrincessCrafts
          KWO = Kathie Woolery aka GrannyScraps
          KSM = Kirsten Smit aka kirkyskreations
          KCA = Kristi Cakebread aka Kritt
          KRE = Kristi Reever aka Kristi
          LKE = Lori Kelly aka Ladybug
          MMC = Michelle McCoy aka Wolvsie35
          SKI = Siobhan Kite aka Lillyskite
          SGE = Sophie Gelfi aka sophiegelfi
          SKL = Stacey Kluczny aka schmoopy
          IRE = Steve Russell aka SRussell
          TSU = Tina Sudweeks aka Manatee25
          TCL = Trina Clark aka TrinaClarkDesigns
          WGI = Wendy Gibson is WendyG
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