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What can I do with Scrapbook Max! ??

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  • What can I do with Scrapbook Max! ??

    I'm just really getting into the groove of digi-scrapping.. still figuring out the different effects and things I can do with the software. But I was wondering what else can I do with it? I know in Photoshop and Paintshop you can create blog backgrounds and fan blinkies.. Is it possible to do something like that in SM? I have created blog banners, blog buttons, greeting cards and recipe cards in addition to my traditional scrapbook layouts - just wondering if I can take it any farther without having to fork over the dough for a complicated and expensive software package. (Honestly, I'm pretty happy with SM right now!) Thanks in advance!

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    I'm sure you will find more things you can do with Max. It's a matter of experimenting. But if you want to create or edit your own embellishments, and don't want to spend a lot of money, you can check this out...


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      I like using Max for making file folder games, card templates, etc. and fill in the blank stuff for fun! Love to think out of the box with Max. Gimp is a nice FREEBIE for extra support for cutting things out..oh..and the Eclipse color picker freebie is great help too in Max!! Granny introduced me to Eclipse freebie tool and I can't live without it!!

      Oh..and WELCOME!!


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        Where do you get these freebies?


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          Search the Internet for scrapbook blogs or look on this forum in the embellishment section for freebies. There is a section on the forum where we are able to post links to other sites we like. Check there also.

          I like to use Max for all kinds of things. Cards, photos, disk covers, etc. Since you can change the size of your work area, you can do almost anything.

          Eventually, you will want to do your own creating and then you have to buy a graphics program like the one Granny sells or Photoshop Elements or Photoshop. This isn't something you have to do right away, but it is part of the growth process.