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  • Help again please

    I need help please..I am trying to make a snowman in RD the question I have is how do I make the snowman white so I can decorate him and still show white? If I color him white on a white background the I can't see where to decorate him..I am really trying to learn this..
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    If you want pure white, draw a temporary rectangle, move it to a layer beneath the snowman, and color it anything that will contrast with white. You can select and delete this rectangle later, when you no longer need it to see the snowman.

    However, snow usually appears a tiny bit blue (when it's not slushy and gray). You could make the snowman a very light blue.

    The hardest part in RDP is when you have a snowman shape and want to use brushes to paint on the objects. The background becomes a light checkerboard when you select a brush tool. Many of us several times have asked Oscar (the developer) to allow us to substitute other colors besides checkerboard, but for whatever reason, this hasn't happened.

    On the attachment below:
    1 = Light blue snowman with red rectangle positioned behind (on the layers, it's the 2 highlighted objects, the circle being the snowman)
    2. Light blue snowman with radial gradient that goes from very light blue to a darker blue (this is too much blue, but you get the idea).
    3. Color pane showing the colors and the radial gradient for (2).
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      mac user

      Hi all

      I have just joined and am from Townsville, in sunny North Queensland, Australia. I am having a bit of trouble getting started by posting a new thread, so am jumping into yours. )

      Hey, all I really need to know at this stage is whether scrapbook.max will work on a mac computer. I know a lot of these things only work on windows based computers. Does anyone out there operate on a mac.

      Thanks so much.

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        seeking creativity, there is hope - see the FAQ here:

        However, this may not answer your question, which won't be seen directly except by viewers of this thread. If the FAQ does not answer your question, you can start a new thread by clicking on the New Thread button on the top page of this forum, the Scrapbook MAX discussion forum.

        If the button's not there, there may be a problem with browsers in the Mac world... or you may have to wait for full registration to go through.
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