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  • Photoshop Elements 6

    I was wondering if anyone can help me.
    I have photoshop 6 elements. It says it is an upgrade. I also have Windows Vista.
    My question is do I have to have an earlier version of Photoshop installed before I can use version 6 or is version 6 a stand alone program? (I do have elements 4).
    Thank you.

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    Everything depends on how Adobe defines "upgrade," and only Adobe would have the definitive answer.

    That said, if you have 4 installed, there should be no harm in trying to install 6. Most upgrades begin with a search on your system for prior versions... if the search finds an earlier version that qualifies for the upgrade, installation will begin, no problem. If 4 doesn't qualify, the installation should halt with some sort of semi-useful message (e.g., "No qualifying perior version found. Installation stopped.") But it shouldn't change or disable 4 as it does this.


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      I thought the "upgrade" is only in the cost area. You get a discount if you already have a version of it. The PSE6 should download in it's entirety as a stand alone. I have both 5 and 6 and they are eash separate. I can use either one I want. But you'd have to download it to be sure.

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