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Helpppp before I rip my hair out!

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  • Helpppp before I rip my hair out!

    I have been trying to layer a image in PSP9 and nothing I do is right..This is my first time to try layering..Please can someone help? Mail to my email addy if you want..
    [email protected]

    Thanks so much!!
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    Wish I could help you but I don't have that program. Someone should be able to help though!

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      Oh! Poor girl, what you need to make, I work with PSP XII, and one of the best programs for who makes scrapps now! I love making things in it,
      It writes what it needs to know, who knows I can give to an aid ok to it


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        hi sweetie

        to make layered objects in psp you need to open a new page make sure you check click transparent

        either draw, copy & paste your bottom layer on this page then

        in the top tool bar go to Layer > New Raster Layer > Blend Normal - Opacity 100 - Link Set 0 - click check Layer is Visable & check both Lock transparency and Highlight in layers pallette are UN checked > ok

        add your next image in this layer

        continue until you have everything looking as you want it

        to save so the layers remain in layers you have to go to > File > Save copy as > in save as image type Photoshop (psd)

        hope that helps

        fiona xx

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