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  • Moonbeam

    Being a newish user ~ I am keen to build my files of templates & embelishments and, after looking at the website, I noticed how many great designs were submitted by Moonbeam. I then decided to look at the threads relating to her and boy are there a few.
    From this I have downloaded several ‘bits’ ~ just love the “bling” alphabet. Will be using many of these in future if this is OK???
    I have downloaded other alphabets (from I can’t remember where) and can’t use these as they have a white background. How can I get around this?
    Anyway, keep up the GREAT work Moonbeam.....

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    ALSO - how am I able to upload a template or embelishment with my messsage?????


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      OK Mary.. How much do I owe you? How much did we agree on for you to say those things? I'll send your cheque soon.
      when you "reply to a post" the box that opens and where you type your message..well, scroll down below it and yo will see a "manage attachments" button... click that and you will see a browse buttong to upload both a screenshot and the template from your SBM folder


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        I meant to say too I like your TARTAN... what clan? My Husband is Scottish descent.. both his parents were scottish , one from Glasgow and the other from Aberdeen. He was born here in Australia though. ( that is an actual photo) lol
        Yep we're here upside down in the bottom part of the globe


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          We know you're upside down, Moonbeam... We can tell from your posts!


          ps: Her hubby is much cuter than that picture, although there is a resemblance.

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