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    Hi all
    I've just got a new laptop after my last one broke beyond repair and have installed scrapbook max from the origional disk, updated with the patch available but when i load it up and try to go to a project it comes up with a box saying scrapbookmax has stopped responding do you wish windows to find a solution, but then it all just closes, has anyone else had this problem? and can anyone tell me if it canbe fixed, this is the only programme I've used in four years for my card making and scrapbooking and can't live without it,
    Thanks folks
    Clare xx:-)

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    Oh sorry, I forgot to mention, my laptop is running Vista, my desctop one was too but it was ok running on that
    clare xx:-)


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      HUM..The new Window based with Vista..PC or Mac??

      SBM doesn't work with Mac's as far as I know..Guessing Windows is on Mac's too..just not sure..

      I have Vista and had no trouble loading it on my new desktop..Did you REregister your SBM program..Vista is REAL funny about stuff like that..It may not be recognizing your program because it doesn't have info on the registration..perhaps..Cause Vista trys to act like cyber cop..

      See if that helps and give as much info as possible for our techno savy folks here at Max to pitch in with the help for you!!

      HUGS and Crossing my fingers for ya!!


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        Hiya and thanks for your reply, not too sure about all the tech stuff, it's just an average pc running vista, just like my desktop was and it worked on that. It gets me as far as loading a page, it's when i try to add an embellishment or paper scrap etc that it goes wrong. I even tried uninstalling it and putting on the trial version to see if it'd go over the top of that and it did the same in the trial version, so I got rd of that and reinstalled the origional copy again, it was registerd as soon as I installed it and it still does it, I really dont know where to go next it's such a pain I really miss using this programme, it's so useful for so many things
        Thaks for your advice anyway :-)
        Clare xx:-)


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          Hi Clare,

          I'm not sure why you are experiencing this.... What exactly are you trying to do when you get this message - for example, are you trying to open a particular template? Do you have any other programs running?

          A bit more information may be helpful - thanks!



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            I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get back to this,I lost my mum so have been out of the whole scrapbooking thing for some time, getting to it again though ... and the prob still remains, it's ok to put on text to a template but if i try to add anything else the error box comes up saying there was an error and needs to shut down I've tried reinstalling, reinstalling in safe mode, re registering the lot and i'm getting so frustrated with it, I just want my sbm back i miss it as it's the most easy programme to use
            Thanks for any help anyone can give
            Clare xx