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  • type of paper for printing

    I've just started using this digital scrapbooking and I'm already addicted. I want to print on my printer, but when I print on cardstock I miss the glossy appearance of the photos. Do most people who print out their pages at home use card stock or photo paper?

    Also, can anyone recommend a good 12x12 printer for printing out these digital scrapbook pages?


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    I use photo paper for my layouts.
    As far as a 12x12 printer goes, I have a HP 9600 series. The only problem is that there is no 12x12 photo paper. So I wait till office max has a "buy one get one free" on 11x14. I cut the paper to 11x11 and then add a matching piece of colored cardstock behind it to get the 12x12 size. Other then that I had them printed.



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      I always use photo paper to print out my layouts - either Kodak Premium or HP Premium Plus. I look for sales at local big box stores (especially Costco or Sam's Club). I find this to be pretty economical.

      I don't know which 12x12 printers are the best, but I'm sure you'll get some good answers about that. I have converted to 8x8 albums which I just love because of their neat and easy size and I can print out my pages on a standard printer.

      I did send for a sample of 12x12 printed scrapbook page at and was very pleased with the quality of the 12x12s. They sent samples on matte, glossy and cardstock. The prices range from 1.25 (matte) to 1.75 (cardstock) per page. I was really impressed - the colors were vibrant and it's so nice to have a large flat page!

      Hope some of this helps you. Welcome aboard!


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        That is were I had them printed as well, I liked the glossy cardstock very much. I tried the lighter paper and was not as impressed. So I will go back to the glossy cardstock next time.



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          I posted a message about several places to print 12x12's at:

          Good Luck!