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Scrapbook MAX! Update (v1.0.4.1) Available

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  • Scrapbook MAX! Update (v1.0.4.1) Available

    We released v1.0.4.1 of Scrapbook MAX! on August 18, 2006. To get the latest release, select Help > Check for Update from the menu bar in Scrapbook MAX!. That will automatically download the patch for you. It's free to anyone who owns an earlier version of Scrapbook MAX!.

    If you have any problems using the "Check for Update" feature from within the software, you can download the update patch directly. Save it to your Desktop and then double-click it to start the patch.

    What's New is version
    When you publish your scrapbook, Scrapbook MAX! asks you where you would like the published files to go. The default location is normally in a subfolder inside My Documents\Scrapbook MAX!\Published Files.

    Once you select a location, Scrapbook MAX! will remember what you chose, and will present that as the default the next time you publish that scrapbook. A bug in version caused the incorrect default location to be used.

    This bug only affects you if you:
    • created a new project with version, AND
    • published that project with version

    This bug was fixed in and does not affect any scrapbooks you made or published with other versions.

    If you published anything into the "Projects" folder with version, you should be aware that any files included in the Projects folder will add to the size of exported templates and slideshow .exe's.

    If you have any affected scrapbook projects, you can simply change the output folder the next time you publish the scrapbook. When you go to publish, click the Browse button to select your desired location.

    New Features in v1.0.4.0
    • Added drag and drop support for images from the FireFox webbrowser.
    • Made it so that when importing Gallery Packs, Scrapbook MAX! checks to see if a file exists with the same name and renames the new gallery content if neccessary.
    • Added the ability to import pages from other scrapbooks into your current scrapbook. This feature can be found by selecting Page > Import from the program menu.
    • Added more information about where files were installed when importing templates and gallery packs.
    • Added the ability to send your scrapbooks directly through Gmail, or your current SMTP server. These settings can be found by selecting Edit > Preferences from the program menu, and then clicking on the "Email" option.
    • Added the option to order online photo finishing directly through Scrapbook MAX!. This feature can be found by selecting File > Publish To > Order Prints Online.
      When you add a new caption or journal text object, the font settings will default to the settings used for the last caption or journal object.
    • Added a new option on the Export Template dialog called "Optimize embellishment sizes". This feature will analyze all of the embellishments added to the project and resize the resource files to the maximum dimensions currently being used in the template. If unchecked, all embellishment resource files will be included in the template at their full size. Using this option can often significantly decrease the size of the exported template. You can export templates by choosing File > Export Template from the program menu.
    • Added the ability to change the location that Scrapbook MAX! uses to load and save projects. By default, the "Scrapbook MAX!" directory inside of your My Documents folder is used. If you want to change this location, first create a text file called "user.ini" and place it in ...Program Files\Scrapbook MAX!\Data. Inside of this ini file, add the following 2 lines of text:


      where "MyNewFolderPath" is the new folder path you would like to use to save your files (eg. BaseFolder=D:\Scrapbook MAX!) If you still want to access all of your current files, go into your current documents folder and copy the 3 folders "Projects," "Published Files," and "Templates" into your newly created folder.

    Fixes in v1.0.4.0
    • Fixed a bug where if you dragged and dropped an image file onto the page that had an existing background image, and chose "Background", the page would not be refreshed with the new background image.
    • Fixed a bug where the "Resize Objects" dialog was occasionally showing, even when the page's size was not being changed.
    • Fixed a bug where the scrollbars we not being set properly under certain curcumstances (mostly when switching back and forth between pages.)
    • Fixed a bug where opening damaged scrapbooks would sometimes cause two welcome dialogs to be shown.
    • Fixed a bug where the tooltips on the welcome screen would occasionally display incorrectly.
    • Fixed a bug where the "Clear image" option would not refresh the second time it was used on a page.
    • Fixed some issues with the ruler so that it works properly even at really small zoom levels.
    • Fixed a bug where the scrollbars would sometimes flicker on and off when moving an object near the edge of the screen.
    • Fixed a bug where an undo point was being added for Background Music, even if you cancelled the operation.
      Added an undo point for the ordering you perform when selecting Page > Organize.
    • Fixed a bug where if you replaced an image with one that was almost the same shape, and it was cropped automatically, in rare cases the image could end up all black.
    • Made some optimizations on the file selection dialog.
    • Several other small bug fixes.
    Scrapbook MAX! 2.0 is here!. It's simply better digital scrapbooking software!