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  • max no of pages?

    Hi have 15 pages in my scrapbook at present and its all starting to run very slowly. i.e. takes ages to go from one page to the next etc. Would it be better to split this book into separate books? I'm planning it to have 64 pages in all.

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    Hi there! You're right - SBM can support tons of pages, but the bigger the scrapbook, the more time it takes for SBM to process the info and things slow down a bit. You certainly can split your book into several different ones. I imagine that a 64 page book like the one you are making has several natural "sub-themes" and it will be easy to create different books.

    And remember, the recent SBM upgrade allows you to import pages you've created into your current scrapbook, which is handy (this way you can still "play" with your multiple scrapbooks and share pages between them as though they are a single scrapbook) - to do this, you choose Page > Import, and then select the page you want to use again (of course, once you've added it, you can modify it any way you want).

    Hope that helps!



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      It isn't a problem to have 64 pages in one book. It also doesn't really affect the speed in an absolute sense, however you may notice the page "load" times more if you really jump around a lot while designing your book, as there is only enough memory on most computers to "cache" a few pages at a time, which means the page must be loaded from disc as you switch pages.

      Of course, this only while you are designing your scrapbook. The finished "published" scrapbook is just as fast if you have 3 pages as 100.
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        Thanks, SBM Administrator for the explanantion- that makes sense! And yes, that's what I've noticed - jumping from page to page is what takes a little longer when you have a ton of pages, really nothing else is affected. I made a 50+ page scrapbook of a recent trip to Disney world and published it as a slideshow movie. It views beautifully and I LOVE having a complete scrapbook for that vacation. The big books are definitely worth the effort b/c they are an unbeatable keepsake.

        Thanks again!



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          In Edit > Preferences, in the Performance category, there is a "Page cache size" setting. By default, it's set to 3.

          That is the number of pages that will be kept in memory after you visit them while you're working on your scrapbook.

          So by default, you can switch back to the last three pages you had open more quickly -- but switching to a page you haven't visited yet will be slower. And it's always the last 3 pages you look at; if you look at 4 pages, the first one gets "unloaded" and it will have to be loaded from disk just like the first time.

          Note: This setting doesn't affect how fast a page loads the first time you view it; it just skips all of the loading when you switch back to that page (if it hasn't been unloaded yet by looking at more than three pages, that is).
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