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  • Are there more options available...

    in the full version than there are in the trial version? For example, in the page templates section, are there more designs available in the full version than the trial version is showing? Also, in the tags, is there a way to write on them? Or place a design on them? Is that available in the full version?

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    Hi there, and welcome!

    On the subject of tags, you can layer captions or journal text on top of them to "write" on them. You might want to check out Chapter 3 of the User's Guide - the section that talks about "Speech Bubbles" takes you through layering text onto a speech bubble step-by-step. The procedure is the same for putting text on a tag. Basically, you put your tag on the page, then you choose a caption, type in the appropriate text, and then drag it onto your tag (resizing and repositioning your text or tag as needed). Here's the link to the appropriate chapter where this is explained in more detail:

    Also, you can layer almost anything on top of one another in scrapbook max, meaning that you can layer an image on a tag, too. I would simply put my tag on my page, then I would select my desired embellishment, resize it with my mouse if necessary, and then drag it on top of the tag. The user's guide talks about layering too (a little earlier in Chapter 3, same link as above)- it talks about layering paper scraps and photos and things, but the same principles apply to your question about layering an image onto a tag.

    P.S. A good tip (you'll find it in the user's guide too) is to "group" objects that you've layered. Once you like the way several objects are layered, click on each of the objects separately while holding down the Control (Ctrl) key, then choose Edit > Group from the menu. You can now move, rotate, and copy your layered objects as if they were glued together - so, you won't risk leaving the words behind when you move your tag, for instance . (If you need to make changes to these objects, you can always ungroup them by selecting the grouped objects, then choosing Edit> Ungroup. You can then make whatever changes you want!)

    Hope this helps! Let us know if this works, or if you have any other questions - happy scrapping!