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    Could anyone tell me if there is a way to make greeting cards in scrapbook maxi and if and how to do a double sided printing of these cards.
    Thank You and any and all help would be appreciated.


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    To make a Double sided card make 2 pages, 1 for Front and 2nd for Back
    If you go to the Background tab (Next to Add a page, Remove a page, then Background) You can select different sizes for your pages. Then you would either tell your printer to print to both sides, or flip your page and print second page of your card.

    Hope this helps, this is the only way I know to do it.


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      Thank You

      Will give this a try. I was able to do a double side but I had actually had to flip my design upside down. It worked for on graphic or background but you could not do this if you were doing a multiple of graphics on one page. At least I can't. So, thank you for you help. I appreciate it very much.
      Giving God All The Glory,


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        I usually make my cards using a 'template' of A5 landscape, with two pages. Although my printer will print duplex automatically it will not do this edge to edge. I prefer my cards printed to the edge so I manually print one side then the other. But you must remember to only print the page you want, and refeed in the correct direction for you printer.

        I generally use paper scraps to fill the front (half the width) of the A5 landscape. Unfortunately this does sometimes give you a rather odd tiled effect, but it is the only way I have found to put a background on the front only. Of course, you could fill the background and have a wrap around card.

        I then put my message inside on the second page and repeat some of the embies I used on the front, but make them semi transparent.

        Once printed inside and out I add physcial embies to finish and brush the edges with chalk to give a lovely finish.

        Hope this helps

        Blessings - Freespirit xx
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