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Scrapbooking ideas on the birth of a baby

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  • Scrapbooking ideas on the birth of a baby

    Scrapbooking Ideas on the Birth of a Baby:

    Photos of the hospital.
    Birth certificate.
    The name, picture and description of the doctor.
    Share the story of your labour and delivery i.e. how long were you in labour? Was it a difficult birth or easy delivery?
    Time of birth.
    Birth weight.
    Note and include your very first impression of your baby.
    Who where the first visitors? Include their pictures with the baby.
    Name: Explain how and why you decided on the baby's name. What is the meaning of the name? Does the name have an historic importance? Did you name the baby after someone?
    Including information like this in your baby's scrapbook will help preserve meaningful, vital and interesting information for others viewing the book or for your baby as he/she grows older.