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  • upgrading?

    I have Scrapbook Max 1.0, is there any way I can upgrade to 2.0 (I love some of the features it has!!!) without paying $50?? I can't really afford that, so is there some special "If you already have a version upgrade for cheaper" option?


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    We'll be sending out 50% discount upgrade coupons to everyone who owns Scrapbook MAX! v1.0 by email later tonight! It's taken us a bit longer than expected to get everything transitioned over today, but things should be live in the next 2 hours or so... Thanks for your patience as we get this rolled out!!!
    Scrapbook MAX! 2.0 is here!. It's simply better digital scrapbooking software!


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      Hot dog!! Glad to hear the %50 discount coming to old users!!

      For new purchases of the 1.0..don't worry!! You will still have a good deal of stuff to use and have fun with..The version 2.0 will take time for many to get used to and to convert to..So 1.0 will always be useable! Think of it this way..The DELUXE version (2.0) offers FANTASTIC writing potential of your OWN!! No memory issues, GREAT skewing options, etc..that the current 1.0 doesn't have..You can't mix 2.0 with our 1.0 BUT you will be able to do 1.0 stuff in the 2.0 version. Designers in the store will most likely offer the two versions of each kit when possible!

      Look for opportunities to WIN the 2.0 version in the forum soon!!

      I will be hosting one of the October Challenges and have at least 3 (2.0) versions for giveaways..and you may see other opportunities popping up as well through out the month!! Michelle McCoy will be hosting the Groove October Challenge as well and has lots of fun on tap there too!!

      hang in there!!


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        Wanting to return 1.0 for 2.0

        My dad just a few days ago ordered 1.0 for me and when I went to the site today, magically there was a 2.0 version, WITH an expansion including baby stuff and that was the main reason I had him order 1.0. I just had a baby a month ago and have so many ideas... Is there any way we can send it back to get the 2.0, I haven't even received it yet so it hasn't been opened..I know it is a few bucks more but it would be better than paying for 1.0 and then paying half the price for 2.0 since we'll be getting that 50% coupon. Since I'm a new member I couldn't post a new thread so please someone get back to me or give me an address or number I could call to talk to someone about this question. Thanks!!


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          Not sure, but....

          I'm new, too. Seems to me, though, you should be able to contact someone in the customer service dept (I would check the main website) to see if you can do a return. Of course, there is always Craigslist, or Ebay, if all else fails. Good luck!


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            Hi Mandy!

            Don't worry! I have sent you a private message about your question with some further instructions.

            Please check your private message box for my message - thanks!

            Scrapbook MAX! Forums Moderator


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              Upgrade to 2,0

              I guess my upgrade email went to spam, because I never got one. I have had scrapbook maxi for about 3 years and would really like to upgrade without paying full price. any suggestions


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                I still haven't recieved my upgrade letter. Sent two emails, but haven't heard anything.


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                  Finally got my upgrade, Yeah!


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                    Wooohooo have fun!


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                      I didn't get mine either - I've changed email address! I have sent off to the 'contact us' and hopefully, I'll get it soon! yayy!
                      Love and Light to you and yours