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    The letter for UPGRADE at 50% off came in my email 9-16 and it's title is ScrapbookMax 2.0 UPGRADE from Gracie There is a link in it for you to get the upgrade..It EXPIRES OCTOBER hurry to email Karin or Gracie and get your upload links if you can't find them in your spam filters or inboxes..

    Hooray! Scrapbook MAX 2.0 is finally here. It's taken years of hard work, but it's been worth it. We just know you're going to love it! And since you own version 1.0, you can take advantage of the $29.97 upgrade price until October 15 (that's half price).

    All the upgrade details are at the bottom of this email, but first, check out a small sampling of the great new features in Scrapbook MAX 2.0:

    * 100% compatible with all your Scrapbook MAX 1.0 projects, kits and templates.
    * A super-fast graphics engine gives you more speed and power than any other scrapbooking program.
    * Move, resize and rotate your photos, embellishment and text in real-time and with total control and precision. You won't believe it until you see it for yourself.
    * Bend, curve, distort, deform, pull and stretch your text into eye-catching patterns.
    * Total control over drop shadows, with settings for angle, color, depth and blur.
    * Zoom in on your photos for editing and cropping precision; go back to the original size instantaneously.
    * Fill your text fonts with patterns, textures and color washes.
    * Color picker/eyedropper lets you easily choose colors by simply clicking anything on your screen.
    * Sophisticated cropping tools, featuring non-destructive cropping for maximum flexibility and creativity.
    * Overlap and "squish" your text characters.
    * Flow your text along Bezier curves.
    * Outline your text characters, with control of color, thickness and transparency of the outline.
    * Full control of opacity and transparency of your text.
    * The most accurate (sub-pixel precision) graphics engine in any scrapbooking software. Translation? You get archival level quality in an easy-to-use package (i.e. you don't need Photoshop to get professional results!)
    * So much more!

    It's impossible for us to list all of the new features and improvements built-in to Scrapbook MAX 2.0. It's much easier for you to come to our website at and see for yourself.

    Upgrade Details

    This is an exclusive offer for owners of Scrapbook MAX 1.0 - so please don't share this email with anyone else. It's just for you! Use the following link to order your Scrapbook MAX 2.0 upgrade for only $29.97 (you can download it and start using it right away):

    (took link out)

    That's 50% off the normal list price, but it expires at midnight on October 15, 2009. Plus, if you order now you'll also receive the exclusive "Life is Beautiful" expansion pack for no extra charge. It's packed with goodies and you can't get it anywhere else!

    Happy Scrapbooking!

    Your Friend,

    Gracie Madsen


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      Still waiting

      I'm still waiting for my upgrade email I have 4 scrapbook programs, but Scrapbook Max is the one I actually use ! Can't wait for the upgrade !


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        I have looked all through my emails and can't find it. I emailed Karin, but haven't heard back yet.


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          I got my 50% upgrade email the other day, but I had to contact Gracie Marsden to get it sent again. (Do not know what happened to original email???? that was sent) xoxo
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            I PMd Karin, too, but didn't get an answer. I never received the 50% offer email - am hoping to get it soon. I have the trial version right now and there are some great features.


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              I have the trial version too. But it would be nice to get all of the content to go with it.


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                But it would be nice to get all of the content to go with it.
                There are some lovely new templates, I think you will love them.

                I love the speed! Its so fast loading big pages. I have some 12x12 templates I bought from the store and even they load like speed lightning! I'm so enjoying playing with all the new stuff!

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