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Question about sharing layouts

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  • Question about sharing layouts

    Can you share layouts online with someone who doesn't have the software? I would like to share a few layouts with an acquaintance who doesn't scrapbook at all. How could that be done? )I've never uploaded a layout to the internet before and I don't understand how to.)

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    You sure can give out your layouts to friends!

    Several ways to do it..This is my preferred choice.

    Open your layout in SBM

    Go to FILE at top on toolbar

    Scroll down to PUBLISH to

    Go to IMAGES

    Save to desired folder and choose size you want your friend to receive..Full size is what you made it at. If you just want your friend to view the layouts from email..choose a smaller size to send. If you want them to be able to print it out..send in FULL size..

    It will save your layout to a jpg that you can send through cd, email, etc..
    IF it is large size..More than 5MB..I usually send to an online storage site like 4 shared, etc to send friends a link to download it..

    They CAN NOT manipulate the image since it is a flattened jpg..IF they have the SBM program you can send them the easy download version of .smt file format by going to EXPORT template..

    Hope that helps!!