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  • Has anyone had this problem

    I downloaded Max2 the other day and enjoyed working with it. Yesterday I went to open the program and it was gone , along with Max 1 and all my image files that I had downloaded from forum. I keep them in folders so I know who to credit. The folders were there but no images just the TOUs I have some on disc so I can reload them. It surprised me that just these files were affected. I reinstalled Max 1 but don't know if I can download Max 2 again.

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    That is a very strange think I hope does not happen to me!!! Are you sure you are looking in the correct location?

    v1 and v2 install to two different folders on your hard drive "c:\program files\" and they both also use two different user folders for your own add-ins and extras and that location is different depending on if you use XP or Vista.
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      I have searched my drives everywhere I can think of they just aren't there. The templates that I added are gone any shape that I added is gone so are the embellishments. Some I can reload but some I will have to buy again because the time limit has run out.
      I have no idea what happened.

      My friends are Smile, Kimmyann ,Marshalynn, wolvsie35 and Nicole


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        Eeeek! This is awful. I just downloaded the trial version because I didn't get an email yet with the 50% offer. Now I'm scared!


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          There is nothing in Scrapbook MAX! 2.0 (or 1.0) that will delete files from your system or "delete itself" either. Even if you run the uninstall, it will never delete anything other than the files originally installed by the Scrapbook MAX! installer (they are all in c:\program files\).

          Are there any other missing files on your system? Do you run anti-virus software? Have you run a full scan lately? It's also possible that you are having hard drive problems (unfortunately, they aren't nearly as reliable as people think). Another possibility is that you logged in as another user.

          However, I'd double check by looking in c:\program files\scrapbook max and in your My Documents folder and make sure you're icon isn't just pointing to the wrong place for some reason...
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