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  • elements in 2.0

    hi there,
    I have just upgraded my Scrapbook Max and am now a bit confused.
    When I drag and drop my elements into the new version they seem so much smaller than in 1.0.
    I actually opened both programmes to compare, the same element comes into 2.0 at 640x470
    and in the old version at 1565x1150.
    I find this confusing, cause now I do not know at what size it was designed and will I be pulling it too large if I enlarge it..

    Is it something I should be changing in the settings, I have looked but can't see anything, or is it something I am just going to have to get used to?

    Thanks for any help
    Kerri (been using 1.0 since Nov. 07, just not active here in the forum)

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    OK, maybe I am just not using it right, but now I have another issue...

    can I no longer resize more than one object at the same time? I selected three photos, which I wanted to resize to the same size, but it wouldn't let me, is this normal now? Sometimes you just want the things to be/stay the same size...



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      I always use the "align" function. Click on the pictures you want to be the same size and then go to "align" and "make same size". It will make them all the size of the last picture you clicked on.