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Can you delete Scrapbook Max 1?

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  • Can you delete Scrapbook Max 1?

    I would like to know if anyone out there knows if you can delete Scrapbook Max1, after you have installed Scrapbook Max 2? It appears that everything has transferred itself to Max 2. The concern I have, is that when I open my documents and go to Max 2, there is nothing there except the album pages that I have opened and changed to Max 2? I don't want to lose all of my templates and all of the other stuff, if I delete Max 1! Please help!!

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    Okay, while you're waiting for the official answer, I would suggest you don't delete the program.

    As far as I can tell, the new program looks at the old program files to find the old templates. If that is the case you would lose all the old templates, embies, scraps etc.

    As far as your documents are concerned, I wouldn't think that by deleting the program you would lose those because they are stored under My Documents, whereas the program itself is stored under Program files (probably C:\)

    You could of course move all your old gallery files into the new folders.

    But really I think you should wait for the 'official' answer, because I have only just got Version 2 myself, so I'm still learning how it functions.

    Its fun though, isn't it?

    Freespirit xx
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      Can you delete Scrapbook Max 1

      Thanks so much for your prompt reply. I am thinking the same thing you are, that the 2nd Max relies on the first for all that info. It will be interesting when they come up with an answer! Yes, I'm having fun so far!!
      Thanks Again


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        According to our developers, Scrapbook MAX! 2.0 simply references the 1.0 content ... it does *not* create a copy. So if your intention is to continue to use your 1.0 content, you should leave 1.0 installed.



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          Thank you Desmond, that's just what I wanted to know!