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How will upgrading affect my "reorganization" I did of all my elements, etc.?

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  • How will upgrading affect my "reorganization" I did of all my elements, etc.?

    I am dying to trying V2.0 (still waiting for the upgrade pricing...). But I'm also worried how the upgrade will change how I've organized all my elements, papers, etc. I changed all the folders from kit themes (that the old version originally came with) to folders for certain types of elements. (All frames in a folder, all flowers in another, etc.) Makes it a lot easier for me to find what I want. I'm thinking I'll be able to import those folders into V 2.0, just as I have them, but unsure. Does anyone know for sure? I guess I just don't know what happens to all the kits added onto the old version, when you upgrade to the new. Does that make sense? Probably a dumb question, but... I'd love to know.

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    You'll see everything the same as you did in v1!
    Scrapbook MAX! 2.0 is here!. It's simply better digital scrapbooking software!


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      Thanks so much! I'm downloading the new version now. LOVE the ribbon text, new shadow abilities, color picking capability and also the ability to resize grouped items together. Those were all things I had a hard time doing without in SBM.

      Thanks again!