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Changing templates from outside SBM

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  • Changing templates from outside SBM

    Hello again. Sorry to be so dumb, but I was wondering if there was a way to change a template from an outside source so that it was compatible with SBM? Or is the best way just to try to recreate it within SBM?

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    I would like to know the answer to this also. Trying to figure out how to change a collage of scrapbook items all purchased as a jpg, and make it so all the parts are moveable and working in SBM.

    Please Help!


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      You're not the least bit dumb!!! It was one of my first questions, too. .psd templates aren't compatible with SBM. They are program specific. I just used them as sketches and created them in SBM. Hope this helps a little. Also, maybe some more technical people will jump in!


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        A jpg is a flat item, no layers. You can not change the elements and move them around. You can use them as backgrounds though.


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          Thanks for the responses!

          I did know that the jpgs were flat. Here is my dilemma. I am a webmaster and wanting to design some web templates using Scrapbook Max, and doing some "scrapbook themed" site looks for a contest I am in. I need scrapbook elements that are not copyrighted so they can be duplicated for this purpose. I am however having no luck finding such a thing.

          All of the image sources I use for my websites are all in jpg form, and I am trying to find somewhere that has them as a different extension.

          Anyone know of a source for this? If so what file extension does work with SM?



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            No other file extensions work as templates in SBM as you discribed unless brought in as png or jpg images. Reconstruct them SBM is the only way we have of doing outside templates. Sorry..


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              Thank you!

              Thank you so much for your help. That is what I thought the answer would be, but wanted to make sure I was not missing something. The templates I am talking about are not jpg., but they are not compatible with SBM. So I guess I just download the backgrounds and elements and make it myself!! Again thanks so much. So far I have been having fun in my spare time. I can see how this could become very addicting. Ha!