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  • Bit strange

    When I did a layout for the designer challenge this month, I experienced an unussual published page, the embie that I used, the dancing bear that was flipped and tinted was distorted.
    I did a bit of research,.........hahaha....and try various possibilities, you can see it in the attachement.
    It seems that when I tint first then flipped is ok, but not the other way.

    This is done with SBM v2, not sure whether this also happened in v1 ??

    I love working SBM v2, lots of new features, especiallly the word and text fasilities
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    My buddies: Nanwu, Moonlightpearl

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    We are definately going to have to write up some tips and tricks to follow for the new version2 especially when using the flip and shadow features together..We need to FLIP before we shadow to get the shadow right. Shadows won't flip like they should and cause headaches unless you flip first..then shadow..and soo much more!! Thanks girl!!


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      Note: the flip issues are just a bug in the current version, we'll be fixing that.
      Lorne ( )
      Scrapbook MAX! Software Developer