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  • I need help_Stop Error Screen

    I started having a major problem with my computer since I loaded SMB v2.

    I am getting the dreaded Blue Screen with a Stop Error. It says it could be due to new hardware or software. I don't have any new hardware, So I am thinking that it is SBM. Is there any new drivers/updates or anything I need????? I haven't un-installed it yet.

    I am hoping I don't lose my computer all together. So far it has done it three or 4 times. I have tried several things that were recommended. Tomorrow I will try to disconnect my hardware one at a time to see if it helps, but none of it is new.

    Any help you can give me would be appreciated. My next step would be to take the computer to the shop since I am not that computer savy. (Even though when I was working everyone was coming to me....I guess I had them fooled! LOL)


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    Have you done any windows updates recently? Occasionally they can give you a headache as well!! Can you run your "system restore" to an earlier date before you installed anything or to a date that is just prior to you having problems? I just had to do that with my vista laptop, the last windows update messed it big time!!!!!!
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      It's not possible for that to be happening because of Scrapbook MAX!. It doesn't hook into the system in any way that would cause your computer to do that, so it must be something else. Anything from bad RAM memory to a failing hard drive could be the problem.
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        Thanks for the input. One of the possible solutions was to do a windows update, so I did. That was after the problem started. The computer went into running CHKDSK on it's own. It deleted a bunch of entries that were all SBM related, then it went into recovery mode and a message came up that it recovered from a "serious" error. Since it was deleting SBM files, that is why I thought it might be SBM. It then said to check with the manufacturer of any new hardware or software for any drivers or updates needed. I did not have any new hardware.

        So I guess I will probably have to take it in to be checked. I did try some things last night, so I will wait to see if I get the message again.

        Thanks for your help.


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          sounds like you may have picked up a virus or when you updated your computer wasn't ready. i lost all my data once before when i updated to IE7 and then when I updated to IE8 earlier this year. Thankfully most everything was saved on dosc or flash drive. Hope you get the problem fixed


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            I had a trojan and had to reformat my drive to get rid of that dreaded "blue screen of death"
            But yes it could also be a bad ram chip. Had that happen too. Very frustrating, I hope you get it figured out.


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              I just finished running a full comprehensive virus scan. It found two trojans and put them in quarantine. One of the trojans was in SMB epacker. Just wanted to let everyone know. Maybe everyone should run their antivirus to be safe.

              Don't know if this will take care of my problem or if I will have to have my hard drive re-formated like Marion did.