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Do old themes work in SBM 2?

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  • Do old themes work in SBM 2?

    Hello! I am definitely a novice user, and am in my trial period for SBM 2.0. My question is whether v. 2 can access the themes that came with SBM 1.0? When I open up a new scrapbook in SBM 2.0, the only themes that show up are a few freebies I've gotten through the monthly Groove postings. Is there a setup issue I'm missing, or perhaps the trial doesn't access them, but the full version will? I'd like to know this before I upgrade!

    Thanks for any help!

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    By default, any content/projectst/templates/ that you can view/use in Scrapbook MAX! 1.0 you can view/use in your Scrapbook MAX!2.0.

    The only reasons this would not be visible in version 2.0 is if version 1.0 is not properly installed on your system, or if under Edit > Preferences > Content you've deselected the boxes under Content From Previous Versions.



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      further question

      Well, when I open up a new scrapbook, even with the boxes all checked to allow old content, the themes are not there. They ARE visible when I open SBM 1.0. Any other suggestions, anyone?

      Thanks in advance!


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        You mentioned you are in your "trial" period of Max..When I did the trial..not all the content showed in my Version 2.0..only store purchaseable items you may need to manually move items from version 1.0 section to 2.0 or copy and paste the items you wish to have. To do that..

        Go to Documents: ScrapbookMax 1.0 ..look for templates and then copy and paste or move to ScrapbookMax 2.0 templates..

        For other items like embellishments and papers you will need to go to your hard drive to arrange those..C:Program Files/ScrapbookMax/ Gallery/Images/

        Sure hope that helps ...


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          It sounds like your v1.0 isn't installed correctly. Simply run the v1.0 installer again to make sure everything is installed correctly, and then run v1.0. Now reboot your system and then install v2.0 again. Make sure you are logged in as an "administrator" before running those installers and you won't have any problems.
          Scrapbook MAX! 2.0 is here!. It's simply better digital scrapbooking software!


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            Autisticwonder, you solved it, thank you!! Didn't know I'd need to transfer, and honestly, didn't know where they were without your hint.

            Many thanks to all, now I can finish playing and decide about upgrading.