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  • Thanks SBM

    Hi all,
    Just want to say that this past weekend and early this week, I decided I was going to try to beat a deadline for some discount credits I had on photobooks. I used SBM 2.0 and made 4 original albums and 1 resized from a previous book I did. 2 of the books I made a template out of the first one, made it for my friends WDW trip and then used the template and did my own WDW trip. I was surprised how much I got done and I was able to use most of my credits! I am very happy with the new features and I really do think it's faster!

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    Thanks EllenB, that's really nice to hear. It wasn't easy to make it this fast!

    Now we just need to get the word out so more people know about it.
    Lorne ( )
    Scrapbook MAX! Software Developer


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      I'm telling everyone I know! I think its great, in fact its so good that I'm buying a copy for someone very special for Christmas.

      Blessings - FS xx
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        Thanks for the great comments! We really appreciate people telling their friends and family about it too. We don't have a big corporate advertising budget, so we rely on the old fashioned way of doing things here - make the best product possible and treat people the way we'd want to be treated and then hope that they'll spread the word!

        It's very much appreciated!
        Scrapbook MAX! 2.0 is here!. It's simply better digital scrapbooking software!