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  • Custom mask tutorial

    I've put together a short tutorial on how to make your own custom shapes or "masks" using the new Scrapbook Max software. As with my other tutorial on making your own embellishments, I hope this serves as a starting point to creating your own special shapes.

    Everything here was done in Scrapbook Max with the exception of a couple pictures showing dialog boxes and toolbars.

    Here is a sample picture.
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    Thanks for the cool tutorial. Sounds simple enough for me to try.
    Hugs Jo


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      You the MAN!! Way to go Poppabob!! Don't leave us again...hear!! LOL..BIG WARM FUZZIE HUG to you Teddybear!!


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        Thanks so much! I'm downloading the tutorial right now! I would love to be able to do this, but have never quite managed to understand. I bet your tutorial is easy to understand!!


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          Maggie, the TUT is very easy to are so good at explaining things... Thanks again for a great tutorial...MAX should hire<wink>
          I am a Designer 4 ScrapbookMax! Check out my STORE...Thanks!


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            Working through your fabuluos Tut, thanks so much, this really makes it easy!

            Blessings - FS x
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              Thanks for the tut, it's great!


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                Awesome tutorial, thanks very much. Knew the basics; however, you added a lot to it.

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                  thanks as usual great tut

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                    Thanks for the excellent Tut...

                    I will use it as soon as possible!


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                      Thank you for the tutorial - can't wait to try it!


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                        Hi Bob, I am new, reading all the posts..your tutorial on making your own shapes is GREAT..I can totatly do this tutorial and I plan to make a whole bunch of my own shapes! thank you so much.