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Help - my pages not publishing!!!!!!

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    SBM 2 fixes

    Thanks so much, Marion! That is good to know. I had simply read that someone was having a hard time publishing their pages and having to turn off the computer, uninstall, reinstall, reboot, etc... to get it to work. Major problems in my book. I would hate to design a bunch of pages and then not be able to save them and send them off to be printed!

    I would like to use this software to do hybrid (and completed) pages and print them off at 12x12 size for my traditional scrapbooks. I only do 12x12 and I will need to be able to save these to send off to be printed as individual sheets. Is this the software for me?? I have read that the default is 8x8. Will these enlarge to 12x12 and still print at a very high quality?

    Thank so much for answering my questions. I saw that you have been using the software for a while so you might be the perfect person to answer my questions!


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      You can set the page size to any size you want. I do mostly in 8x8, because I ran out of room for my albums. But I have done many ins 12x12 in 200 dpi with fantastic results. A lot of sites tell you they want them in 300 dpi, I have found that is overkill, 200 is just fine and the files are much more manageable.
      Hope this helps!