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Help - my pages not publishing!!!!!!

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  • Help - my pages not publishing!!!!!!

    STRESS STRESS: It is not letting me publish my pages - program not responding was working o.k. last night - WHAT DO I DO????? I am using Version 2.0
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    Hmmm = I'm not very good at this tech stuff - maybe a computer restart??
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      I've had some strange things happen, too, like the program just locks up and I can't click okay or anything. V.2 seems to be awfully sensitive and cranky sometimes!


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        Now my layouts won't publish!! I check the tasks and it says that SBM2 is not responding! I've rebooted and tried several times. It just keeps happening! This is a serious problem!!


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          I had to uninstall and reinstall recently when my virusscan would keep telling me I had a virus in SBM. I got it to work again after turning of my virus scan (Avast) and uninstalling and reinstalling. Strange things happening.


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            Thanks, Marion. I'm afraid this version of SBM is very trouble-prone. All of the years of using V.1 and no problems at all! I'm going to uninstall and reinstall - I think I'm going to lose my unpublished layouts!


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              I don't think you will lose your unpublished layouts, they will still be in your projects. So don't worry Julie


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                I just uninstalled and reinstalled SBM2 and it still won't publish. The task manager said it is not responding. Ugh! Now what, I wonder?!!! Hope Lorne has suggestions tomorrow. In the meantime, I may go back to trusty old SBM1.


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                  I just used SBM V1 and it published just fine! The problem must be in V.2. If there's a glitch or a bug, I'm sure to have it! I still have the font problem! LOL


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                    Hello Everyone,

                    We're expecting to release an updated version of Scrapbook MAX 2.0 to fix a variety of reported issues -- without commitment I expect this to be released either this week or next.

                    In the mean time, should you experience issues, please uninstall, turn off your computer, and then reinstall.

                    Post back here if you continue to experience issues! 2.0 was a complete redesign from the ground up -- while we've worked hard to 'do everything right', there bound to be issues (That we'll of course work hard to fix!).



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                      Thanks, Desmond!

                      I thought I had done everything to fix my publishing problem but then I read that you need to turn the computer off and then reinstall! It worked!! Fingers crossed - it will keep on publishing!

                      I went back to V.1 while it wasn't publishing and I missed V.2 soooo much!!

                      I missed:

                      The ability to play with the shadowing.
                      The text options (especially blending two colors).
                      The cropping tool when you click on the picture.
                      The ability to play with the colors and use an eyedropper!
                      The inverted shape option.
                      The speedy print preview! (Love it especially)
                      And more . . .

                      Thank you to everyone who works so hard at providing an awesome digital scrapbooking program.


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                        Publishing is done at a much higher level of quality in version 2 than it was in version 1. Unfortunately this means that on old/slow computers, it can take a long time.

                        If you're having troubles publishing, here are some things to try:
                        • Close other programs and make sure only one instance of Scrapbook MAX! is running.
                        • Turn off your computer and restart it.
                        • Disable other programs that run in the background and use up system memory.
                        • Use a smaller output size, or reduce the page size. For example, printing a 12x12 page at 300 dpi needs more memory than a 12x12 page at 200 dpi, for very little difference in quality.
                        • If you're using very large photos (e.g. from a digital SLR camera), try resizing the image files smaller before you add them to your project. Scrapbook MAX uses smaller images temporarily during layout, but when you print it loads the original images at full size to ensure the highest possible quality, even for images that are heavily cropped. Note that 1.0 didn't do this -- when you cropped an image in 1.0 you were losing a lot of detail compared to version 2.0.
                        • Install more RAM in your computer.
                        • Upgrade to a computer with more RAM and/or a faster CPU. Scrapbook MAX is designed to run best on modern systems (e.g. less than 3 years old) with more than 1 GB of RAM.
                        • Be patient. If you're using an old computer, graphics-intensive things like publishing high-fidelity images will sometimes take longer. "(Not responding)" just means the computer is devoting all its attention to publishing at the moment. Think of it as an opportunity to go give someone nice a hug.
                        If publishing is taking a long time, it's most likely a "not enough memory" problem, so try to leave as much memory free for Scrapbook MAX to use as possible.
                        Lorne ( )
                        Scrapbook MAX! Software Developer


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                          New Version of Scrapbook Max 2

                          Hi, I am getting scrapbooking software as a Christmas present and was thinking of requesting Scrapbook Max 2. However, I see there are major issues but that you are releasing a 'fixed' version. I don't want to buy the first version which is, I am guessing, the current download on the home page. When will we know when the fixed version is released?

                          Also, if I do buy the fixed version and there are still major problems, can I get the first version as a replacement....or any additional updates and fixes for free (to replace the glitchy software)?

                          Thank you,
                          Artist in Love


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                            Hello Artist, first off there are no Major issues, just a few little glitches. I have been using version 2 as soon as it came out and have had virtually no problems at all with it. ( I had version 1 for 3 years) version 2 is a wonderful upgrade with many new features that our members here requested.
                            I would not hesitate to get version 2 and when the updates are released in the near future, they are free. I have used many different scrapbook programs before, but none are as good and as easy as this one. So go ahead and get it and I promise you won't be sorry!


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                              Hi Artist

                              I'd have to agree with Marion. I thought version 1 was fabulous, but I thought the new version looked really exciting and I haven't been disappointed once. The glitches are managable given the improvements the developers have made in the software and we have been told there will be an update very shortly, which will fix the bugs.

                              Although I haven't used any other scrapbooking software I have tried a rather wide variety of card making programs all of which were disappointing. They seems quite amateurish in comparison to SBM. I now make all my cards on SBM instead of using dedicated card making programs. Its an excellent piece of software.

                              Blessings - FS xx
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