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    I am new to this forum, the program and scrapbooking in general. I am wondering if there is a binder of some sort to place the pages I create. It's fun making the pages but I want an actual book.

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    I Buy my Books at Craft Stores or Walmart. My Pages just slide right in the pages sleeves.


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      Are you using photo albums or scrapbooks? Andrea


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          I have bought a few books as well, but have not printed any pages yet. I made a small one for my sister in law and just printing the 8x10's at Walmart cost me $20 for seven pages and then I had to trim the edges.
          Is there a cheaper way to print our pages? I believe my printer only prints out a max size paper of 8x10 but the scrap book pages are 12x12.
          Is it cheaper to print from home? I guess I'd have to buy a scrapbook printer? Hmmmm, questions questions... I can't wait to make a whole album.
          It's my mom's 60th birthday this year and also their 40th wedding anniversary - holy scrappin' opportunities!!


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            What I do is Make My Pages 8 x 8, I print them with my AWESOME HP 3 in 1 (LOVE IT!!!) I can trim my pages with a Slide trimmer I got at Craft store to fit in a 8 x 8 book or Let my Pages Have the White frame and Put them in the regular 8 x 11.5 pages. I use cardstock 110lb paper, they Look Great!!!!

            (You can open your page, go to page settings, size and change a 12 x 12 to a 8 x8, I messed up a few weeks ago and had to do it to a 30 page scrapbook I had been working on for WEEKS!!!!!)

            LOL.....Kel you are Addicted!!! Looking a head for more things to scrap is a Sign!!!!!!


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              Thanks for those tips! I don't seem to be getting clean crisp prints. I have 2 printers here and I'm getting good prints on either?????


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                Is your Printer set up for Best Pictures? and What kind of Paper are you using?
                The first time I printed a LO I used picture paper and it look like the picture had a Rash!!!!
                I went in and looked and changed a few settings and used plain paper and it Looked Great, then I got my new printer and I started using card stock paper!!!!


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                  I tried using photo paper too. I found some 110lb card stock I had here and now the pages look great. My HP is a professional photograph printer so the settings are already for the best pictures but who knew the paper would make such a big difference. Thanks for all your help. Now I just need to find some nice albums.


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                    I just made a scrapbook for my daughter of her Greece trip...uploaded my pages to Costco photo had them printed out for 1.49 a page 8 x 8...I want her book to last a long time, home printers fade real fast...Costco did a fantastic job on the printing, bought an album at Michaels and 4 packs of extra pages, she ended up with 92 pages of her gorgeous trip.
                    What a fun fun project that was and Scrapbook Max was with me every page of the way
                    hugggs, Chrissy


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                      I make my pages 8 x 8 and print them on my HP inkjet. I usually use everyday printer paper, which gives a nice finish and should keep reasonably well. If I want a more arty finish I use craft paper.

                      I use a variety of binding methods. I bought a Bind-It-All which is great! I paste my pages onto A4 cardstock, cut out at approx 8.5 x 8.75 so I have a border top and bottom and an offset for the binding.

                      I sometimes buy a really cheap binder in Wilkinson and punch holes in the pages, printing on A4 paper is perfect for this. I also have a very cheap curly comb binder I bought at Wilkinson and I sometimes use that.

                      I have used bought scrapbook albums but personally I prefer to make my own, especially as I never use the pockets as I mix my SBM printed pages with ones that I have created the old fashioned way, that way I get a really nicely textured album.

                      Whatever you do and don't do - have fun.

                      Blessings - FS xx
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