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What am I doing wrong?????????

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  • What am I doing wrong?????????

    I already posted a few in the gallery without any problems and now I can not do it as it keeps reading.

    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 16777216 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 480 bytes) in [path] on line 115

    What am I doing wrong
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    Don't worry!

    There's a problem with SBM not with what you're doing. I had the same problem and was later able to upload. I haven't tried lately, though, so hope it gets fixed once and for all!!


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      New Message

      I just tried to upload two pages and guess what?! That message was back! It was fixed for a little while. Let's hope it gets fixed again!


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        Hi. I was receiving that message yesterday. I reduced the "saved .jpg size" from Full Size to Extra Large, and haven't had the problem since. Good Luck!


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          Hello Everyone!

          In order to provide the best (and fastest) forums and gallery for our users, we continually update our website software to the latest versions. The most recent update required newer 'core' server software. Unfortunately, this update resulted in a few of our older 'tweaked' settings being replaced by the newer 'standard' settings. We're working to iron out these little wrinkles as they come up as quickly as possible.

          That particular error has to do with the way our gallery software handles file uploads. In a nutshell, when you upload an image, the software takes it, resizes it to the correct size for the gallery, and stores it on the server.

          The problem is that the resizing program is using the maximum amount of memory it is allowed. This limit exists to prevent incorrectly written scripts from eating up all the available memory on the server, resulting in a crash. It's a balancing act to choose a value that allows good scripts (E.g. our gallery) to function without problems, while at the same time ensuring that our server remains 100% stable. I've increased this limit -- hopefully enough to prevent this error from occurring again.

          Please let me know if you are able to upload without troubles, or if you still experience troubles.

          Thanks a bunch for your patience, you guys/gals are great!



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            Another very important tip is that if you want to upload to the gallery, you should choose "Medium" for the "Image size" when you publish. Choosing "Full Size" will not work - the images are *huge*!
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