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    I have a question about when it is all created and ready for print.

    Is the scrapbooking paper that you buy on line have a certain type of finish, because I got to thinking when you are ready for print, if the paper you have is not photo finish the picture will not look very good and the amount of ink it is going to take for some of these templates could be outradges. Any clues or tips or tricks


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    Photo Paper

    The cheapest place I have found to buy photo paper is "Big Lots". They usually have several different brands and pack sizes at resonable prices. I have used the off brand labels with no problems. Of course, your pictures may not last as long but for the beginner scrapebooks I am doing now I don't that's a problem.
    Cordell Noble


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      You can order prints through Scrapbook Max! there is an order area at the top of this page. There are also other online printing stores. One that sends out free samples is Scrapbooks to Share or I like to print at home most of the time because I've switched to the 8x8 format - it does take quite a bit of ink but you don't have to buy all the expensive scrapbooking supplies! Hope this helps a bit.

      You do definitely want to print on photo paper at home, though. I usually get mine at Costco - sometimes they have buy one get one free - I look for bargains!


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        Thanks for the response, finally dove in and printed one of my creations, and most of my questions about ink, paper were resolved. I really like my new hobby. It is fun.


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          I didn't realize that they made 2 different sizes of scrapbooks. I am going to have to look around town to check it out. That would be great due to the fact that my regular printer can not hold bigger sheets.