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I am having troubles here!!!!

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  • I am having troubles here!!!!

    I have downloaded 2 drop and plops from http://www.freedigitalscrapbooking.c...heme_kits.html
    I click to save and add".smt to the end of the file.
    When I have them and click on them it says it was installed to the templates but when I go into my program they are not there.
    What am I doing wrong??

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    Personally, I wouldn't try to install them.... I would just unzip them and then open that folder and use the old "drag & drop" to get them on my page.....
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      These kits can't be directly converted into a SMT file... There are a couple of additional files that are included in the zip file that let SBM know where to install the files...

      There's a post at the top of the Embellishment section that shows how to create you own SMT.

      Best bet is just to unzip like Grannyscraps says and insert into your page.
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        That's correct. You can't create an ".SMT" file by just changing the filename. It actually has to *be* and .SMT (Scrapbook MAX! Template) file in order to be used as such.

        To use a .ZIP file, just unzip it to see what is inside and then drag and drop the images onto your pages in Scrapbook MAX!.
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